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We do student athlete brand sponsorships right

As a student athlete, you want to know you’re working with the right team when it comes to social media sponsorships.

For over ten years, Sway Group has been delivering best-in-class influencer marketing programs, making our network a thriving place of opportunity for student athlete influencers.

We’re in the business of setting up rewarding partnerships that make sense for you and your own brand. Regardless of your league/division status, or your social media follower count, we want to hear from you!

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Sign up for our network! During signup, you’ll tell us about yourself: your sport, your interests, your social channels. This helps us find the right kind of campaign work to offer you.
  2. We’re working with brands every day. You’ll regularly hear from us via newsletter with campaign opportunities, with instructions on how to apply. At this stage, you’ll learn about the brand, what the campaign deliverables are and how much the program pays.
  3. If you match what the client is looking for,  you will become part of a vetted list of influencers that we present to the client. If selected, we’ll contact you with the good news.
  4. Once you accept a campaign, you’ll be working directly with our client team to execute the deliverables.
  5. Cha-ching! We take care of compensation, so you’re never waiting on delayed payments.

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What do influencer marketing agencies do?

The short answer is that we help brands partner with influencers in order to develop strategic, results-driven influencer marketing campaigns. Learn more about our influencer marketing services and our core capabilities.

Does it matter how many followers I have?

Regardless of your follower count, we have brands looking to partner with you.

Can I work with other brands/agencies if I sign up with Sway Athletes?

Absolutely! We fully support your right to pursue NIL opportunities outside of Sway Group.

What does NIL stand for? And why is it so important to college sports?

NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness. The new NCAA rules mean that college student-athletes (who live in a state where legislation has been passed) may now receive payment from third-party institutions in exchange for using their names, images or likenesses.

Has NIL been adopted by states everywhere? Is a federal law coming?

Not yet: this map tracks states where governors have signed NIL bills into law. While no federal legislation is in place yet, Congress plans to continue discussing federal college sports reform in the future.

How will I make money?

Once you sign up with our influencer network, we’ll contact you via email with potential brand campaign opportunities, so make sure to check your inbox. Payment is sent after you’ve been selected for a campaign ad it concludes.

What type of companies could I potentially work with?

Once you sign up with our influencer network, we’ll contact you with potential brand campaign opportunities. Payment is sent after campaign conclusion.

Are you just looking for college football and basketball players?

Not at all: brands are very interested in working with all sorts of student athletes across a variety of sports, leagues, and divisions.

Do I need a manager?

No you do not. Most of the 30K influencers in our network do not have managers.

I play high school sports - are you interested in me at all?

Yes, of course we are, especially if your next step is playing a college sport. You can get prepared early by signing up for our network.